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NGS Summer Hazelnut Tour

The Nut Growers Society Annual Summer Tour will consist of Break-Out Sessions, Plant Tours, a Vendor Show plus a large Hazelnut Equipment Show. More specific information will be available soon.  Pacific Nut Producer is a proud sponsor of the Summer Tour, so be sure to see us there!

Dennis Glaser Hazelnut Grower of the Year

Dennis Glaser of Tangent was the recipient of the Nut Grower’s Society’s Grower of the Year Award for 2018 during its 104th Annual Meeting mid-January. The award is presented to a grower that has been a leader in the industry. Jason Perrott, NGS Vice President presented the award. He began with some history. Dennis’s roots are in farming. Before becoming …

Nut Growers Society Annual Hazelnut Meeting

This year’s meeting will feature: -The Hazelnut “Grower of the Year” Presentation -Panel of industry experts to share insights on orchard layout, tree removal, cover crops and more -Presentations on Hazelnut Prices and promotion Pacific Nut Producer is a proud sponsor of the Nut Growers Society annual meeting, so be sure to come and see us there!

Pros & Cons of Planting Hazelnuts on Berms

Planting a new hazelnut orchard? Consider planting on berms. Check out this brief video interview with Aaron Heinrich from Oregon State University who shares some of the pros and cons of berms for hazelnut growers. Read more about growing hazelnuts in Pacific Nut Producer Magazine. Don’t currently receive the magazine?  Don’t currently receive it? Subscribe for FREE today Here

Introducing the New PollyO Hazelnut Variety

With Eastern Filbert Blight taking a major toll on older hazelnut orchards in the Pacific Northwest, many growers are looking to replant their blocks with new blight resistant varieties. One of the newest of these varieties released by Oregon State University’s hazelnut breeding program is known as PollyO. Check out this brief interview with plant breeder Shawn Mehlenbacher to learn …

Organic Hazelnut Farms Showcased in Upcoming Tour

Sustainability, Market Opportunities Concerns Drive Increase in Organic Hazelnuts Hazelnut growers looking for information and support for growing organically will have an opportunity to learn from experienced growers during a farm tour on August 15. The tour, hosted by Oregon Organic Hazelnuts cooperative, will showcase practices and tips from local farmers with certified organic and transitioning acreage. Oregon Organic Hazelnuts …

Hazelnut Erosion Prevention Field Day

Nik Wiman, Oregon State University Hazelnut Agent, field staff and partners will present results of field trials of cover crop mixes for use on orchard floors. Triticale, vetch, phacelia, white clover, subterranean clover and creeping red fescue were used in the trials. Marie Vicksta of Yamhill Soil & Water Conservation District, will be presenting information about its new mulching program. …

New Fungicide Registered for Eastern Filbert Blight in Hazelnut

Announcement from Oregon State University: Ziram 76 DF at 3 to 8 lb/A. Do not use after May. Group M3 fungicide. 48-hr reentry. Ziram 76 DF (from United Phosphorus, Inc) was registered for use on hazelnuts on December 12, 2017. Growers must have the supplemental label on hand as well as the label from the product container before use. This …

Congratulations Hazelnut Grower of the Year Verne Gingerich!

One of most exciting features of the Nut Growers Society’s Annual Winter Meeting is the announcement of the Hazelnut Grower of the Year award.  This award goes to an individual in the industry who has not only demonstrated leadership and innovation, but a long-term commitment and love for the Oregon hazelnut industry.  This year’s grower of the year went to none …

Managing Bacterial Blight in Young Hazelnut Orchards

Managing Bacterial Blight in Young Hazelnut Orchards

After harvest, hazelnut growers should turn their attention to the young hazelnut orchards to keep bacterial blight from becoming a problem. With all the newly planted orchards going in, bacterial blight can be a real threat, so be sure to watch this interview with Oregon State Plant Pathologist Jay Pscheidt as he discusses blight prevention and management practices. Read more …

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