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Nickels Soil Lab Annual Field Day

0.75 hr PCA CE credits requested; 2 hours CCA CE credit requests Overview of navel orangeworm management Band canker management Frost protection in almonds Almond flower biology Basic Bee Biology 101 Ceratocystis canker: diagnosis and management Using real time physiological data to guide irrigation scheduling What are we learning from orchard biomass (chip and mix) studies? BBQ Tri-Tip Lunch by …

Bees and Almonds: A Mutually Beneficial Relationship – From the Almond Board of California

Modesto, Calif., (February 8, 2018) – Almonds depend on bees and bees depend on almonds. In fact, the link between bees and almonds is so important that the relationships between almond growers and their beekeepers often go back years or even generations. Between February and March each year, almond tree buds burst into beautiful light pink and white blooms in …

Cover Crops Complement, Not Compete with Almond Bloom

The engineering of flowering agricultural field borders has emerged as a research and policy priority to mitigate threats to pollinators. Studies have, however, rarely addressed the potential that flowering field borders might compete with neighboring crops for pollinator visits if they both are in bloom at the same time, despite this being a concern expressed by growers. We evaluated how …

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