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Four Tools to bring Navel Orangeworm Damage Down to Zero

Special Thanks to This Video’s Sponsor Navel Orangeworm (NOW) continues to increase its presence in California right alongside the growing number of orchard hosts for this pest. Many nut growers experienced significant levels of NOW damage in their orchards last season, in spite of their ongoing pesticide spray programs. So what’s a grower to do? Watch this interview with Zach …

Sterile Insect Technology for Navel Orangeworm Control Field Trials Begin

Navel Orangeworm (NOW) continues to be a growing pest for almond, pistachio & walnut growers all over California.  Last year was an especially difficult year, as there were growers that experienced significant crop loss who have historically not had issues with the pest before.  Bob Klein with the Pistachio Research Board recently reported on a field trial they will be …

AF36, a New Tool for Controlling Aflatoxin Levels in Nut Crops

Special thanks to Duarte Nursery for sponsoring this video. Please thank & tell them you saw this video! At the recent Almond Board Conference in Sacramento, Bob Curtis shared a new tool growers have to control Aflatoxin levels in nut crops, other than just effective Navel Orangeworm management. Known as AF36, watch this brief interview with Bob, and read more …

New Fungicide Registered for Eastern Filbert Blight in Hazelnut

Announcement from Oregon State University: Ziram 76 DF at 3 to 8 lb/A. Do not use after May. Group M3 fungicide. 48-hr reentry. Ziram 76 DF (from United Phosphorus, Inc) was registered for use on hazelnuts on December 12, 2017. Growers must have the supplemental label on hand as well as the label from the product container before use. This …

State of the California Almond Industry Report

If you missed the State of the State of the Industry presentation at the annual Almond Conference, watch this brief interview with Richard Waycott and Mike Mason from the Almond Board who shared their outlook of the future of the California almond industry.  Read more in Pacific Nut Producer Magazine. Don’t currently receive it? Subscribe for free HERE today!

Efficacy of Mating Disruption Technology for Navel Orangeworm Control

Mating disruption technology for Navel Orangeworm Control has been around for a while now, but today there are a lot more products on the market available to tree nut growers. UCCE Entomology Farm Advisor in Kern County, David Haviland shared in an interview with California Ag Network that his research trials prove that not only is mating disruption technology a …

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