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Meet Steve Koretoff

Steve Koretoff grows 100 acres of almonds in Kerman, runs a processing plant and reads Pacific Nut Producer Magazine.   “I’m Steve Koretoff with Nick Koretoff Ranches and Purity Organics, and the best way to reach me is through Pacific Nut Producer Magazine.” “If I’m looking for spray equipment, a tiller, or other almond related products and services, Pacific Nut …

Almond Board Conference Wrap up with Richard Waycott

Almond Board Conference Wrap up with Richard Waycott

The 45th annual Almond Board Conference brought thousands of almond growers and industry members together at the Sacramento Convention Center for another great event featuring the latest production and market research funded by the industry through the Almond Board of California. Watch this brief video for Richard Waycott’s final remarks at the conclusion of the three day event as growers …

Efficacy of Mating Disruption Technology for Navel Orangeworm Control

Mating disruption technology for Navel Orangeworm Control has been around for a while now, but today there are a lot more products on the market available to tree nut growers. UCCE Entomology Farm Advisor in Kern County, David Haviland shared in an interview with California Ag Network that his research trials prove that not only is mating disruption technology a …

Assessing & Addressing Nut Orchard Damage Due to Flooding

The abundance of rainfall was much appreciated by growers this year; however, some growers got a little too much of it, leaving some orchards in standing water for several months. UC Farm Advisor Janine Hasey addressed this at Malcolm Media’s Annual Tree & Vine Expo. Watch this interview with Janine as she addresses the damage that occurred due to the …

Managing Bacterial Blight in Young Hazelnut Orchards

Managing Bacterial Blight in Young Hazelnut Orchards

After harvest, hazelnut growers should turn their attention to the young hazelnut orchards to keep bacterial blight from becoming a problem. With all the newly planted orchards going in, bacterial blight can be a real threat, so be sure to watch this interview with Oregon State Plant Pathologist Jay Pscheidt as he discusses blight prevention and management practices. Read more …

How to Plant a Hazelnut Orchard

How to Plant a Hazelnut Orchard

With all of the great new blight-resistant varieties released from Oregon State University, hazelnut growers are replanting blight-infested orchards as quickly as they are able. Fall is the best time to plant to allow the trees time to get established well before the growth of spring; however, adverse weather often limits growers’ ability to plant to a very short window, …

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